Colorado Appraisal Incentive for Real Estate Referrals

Colorado Appraisal Incentive for Real Estate Referrals

Appraisal Costs Covered in Colorado for Agent Referrals

Colorado Appraisal Incentive - Enhancing Home-Buying Experiences

Introducing a strategic benefit for Colorado realtors: if you refer your clients to us, we’re offering to cover their appraisal fees. This Colorado Appraisal Incentive is available to ensure your clients can move forward with confidence, knowing they have financial support.

Streamlining Your Clients’ Journey

When it comes to significant financial decisions like purchasing a home, an appraisal is a crucial step. Understanding the details is simple: for loans over $200,000, when your client selects United Wholesale Mortgage with lender paid compensation, we handle the appraisal fees.

Advantages for Realtors and Clients Alike

Though this offer directly benefits homebuyers, real estate professionals gain an edge, too. We’re committed to adding value to your services and fostering a smoother sale process.

Faster Closing Times

The appraisal fee promotion is designed to expedite the mortgage process, resulting in quicker closing times—a significant benefit in Colorado’s dynamic property market.

More Efficient Transactions

Agents can provide a more streamlined experience, helping to manage and reduce closing costs for the buyer, leading to a more efficient overall transaction.

Strengthened Buying Power

By removing the immediate financial burden of an appraisal, your clients can allocate funds to other aspects of their home purchase. This added flexibility can be a deciding factor for buyers on the fence, potentially increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction. With the appraisal costs handled, buyers may also view properties in a slightly higher price range, expanding their options and potentially increasing your commission as their realtor.

Enhanced Client Trust

Offering to cover appraisal costs demonstrates to clients that you’re invested in their best interests, building a foundation of trust. This can lead to repeat business and referrals, growing your reputation as a realtor who goes the extra mile. The philosophy of prioritizing client needs is central to our mission, and through this appraisal incentive, we aim to support that shared value.

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Offer applicable on loan amounts of $200,000 or more and only if the borrower selects United Wholesale Mortgage with lender paid compensation. This offer may not be available for FHA loans or reverse mortgages. This offer applies for mortgages that close in 2023. This offer is NOT limited to Colorado.